The following is meant to be a guide for short trips in and around Kobe. Most are day trips but some may require an overnight stay. Some of the places are wonderful, others are good, others just a good walk.

I take no responsibility for the directions to these places; remember I can’t read signs. I take no responsibility for the physical difficulty of getting to these places; remember I like to walk. Each trip will be classified similar to the classes used in white water canoeing.

  • Class 1 – extremely easy, flat paved roads, short walk, no difficulty.
  • Class 2 – easy, some uphill walking or long distance, generally paved roads, little difficulty.
  • Class 3 – some difficulty in length or in amount of uphill walking, maybe unpaved roads or trails.
  • Class 4 – difficult, long, uphill walking, one should be tired after this trip.
  • Class 5 – very difficult, should not be taken unless in perfect physical shape.
  • Class 6 – cannot be taken without risking one’s life.

I will also rate each trip according to what I enjoy; the enjoyable index. This is very subjective and may also depend on weather conditions and other factors.

  • + OK, not really worth the trip
  • ++ Good, just a nice walk
  • +++ Very good, something that should be done
  • ++++ Excellent, should not be missed